Number Provide small groups of the same objects in treasure baskets, as well as single items. Spatial awareness Provide opportunities for babies to move freely on carpets, grass etc. Observe and sensitively support babies’ play and give them long stretches of uninterrupted time to explore. Provide low mirrors to support babies to develop a bodyContinue reading “M EE R1”


Number Notice and mirror children’s reactions to changes in amount. Add to objects & draw attention to the change in amount, using words like more. When feeding babies comment on whether they would like more after being winded, e.g. Oh, you want more. Use feeding, changing and bathing times for finger-play with young babies SpatialContinue reading “M PR R1”


Number Reacts to obvious changes of amount when those amounts are significant (more than double) Spatial awareness Explores space when they are free to move, roll and stretch Developing an awareness of their own bodies, that their body has different parts and where these are in relation to each other Shape Explores differently sized andContinue reading “M UC R1”