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  • Characteristics of Effective Learning – The Golden Thread in the EYFS
    We know that learning through play is pivotal in early years, including in the CoEL, but the way in which children are given opportunities to play varies drastically from setting to setting.
  • The power of professional confidence
    by Lewis Fogarty Nothing should grow there, right? In dark conditions, with a lack of light and a malnourished environment, but despite all odds there is immense beauty all around. This is true of the lotus flower that grows in dark and dirty waters and is also true in early years, where despite immense challenges of underfunding, misinformed political initiativesContinue reading “The power of professional confidence”
  • Black History Month 2022
    by Liz Pemberton, Director of The Black Nursery Manager Training and Consultancy Black History Month in the UK has been recognised since 1987 and was established by Akyaaba Addai-Sebo. Akyaaba was a special projects officer at the Greater London Council and then later at the London Strategic Policy. He recognised the need for Black people throughout the UK to haveContinue reading “Black History Month 2022”
  • Time for babies and toddlers
    By Patricia Johnson and Sacha Powell Have you ever wondered what a musical score would be like if it tried to capture the daily pace, rhythm and activity of a baby or toddler room: fast and frantic like The Flight of the Bumble Bee; slow and lilting like a soothing lullaby; or perhaps a little of both? Research tells usContinue reading “Time for babies and toddlers”
  • Developing a positive sense of self
    In this conversational blog, Shaddai Tembo, Dr Sharon Colilles, Vicky Hutchin and Aaron Bradbury discuss with Donna Gaywood practical ways to support children to develop a positive sense of self and feel that they belong in their early years setting. They tackle how to talk about race and racism openly, how practitioners can give space to children from mixed ethnicContinue reading “Developing a positive sense of self”


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