• Take opportunities during play to sing number rhymes..
  • During personal care routines make a point of using numbers.
  • Play “peek-a-boo” hiding games with toys and people.

Spatial Awareness

  • Use spatial words during everyday play and routines.or one-word comments e.g.as you get children in and out of a highchair.
  • Take opportunities to play hide and reveal games with objects in boxes and under cups.
  • Support babies’ physical experience of positions and direction, e.g. describing up and down.


  • When playing with malleable materials draw attention to shapes as they are created and changed.


  • Talk about patterns in the environment e.g. spots and stripes on clothing or bumps in the pavement.
  • Spot opportunities to play “back and forth” and repetitive “again” games.


  • During play and everyday contexts, comment on the sizes and weights of objects using a range of language such as big, huge, enormous, long, tall, heavy.
  • Talk about what is going to happen and what has happened during the day using first, next and then.