• Play hiding games so children notice that something has ‘gone’.
  • Provide varied sets of objects for playful opportunities for children to independently explore ‘lots’, ‘more’, ‘not many’ and ‘not enough’.


  • Count while engaging in everyday tasks and while moving around.
  • Sing songs with counting strings.

Spatial Awareness

  • Designate specific places or spaces for items to be kept and fitted into for tidying.
  • Respect children’s urge to explore spaces, to get inside and move between.
  • Build towers up for the child to knock down.
  • Provide shape sorters and packaging where children can hide, enclose or post items through holes.


  • Provide a range of inset board and puzzles with large pieces.
  • Provide a range of construction materials for independent play.
  • Organise storage by shape, with photos or silhouettes to show where things are kept,


  • Plan to share stories and songs that contain repeated elements which help children to anticipate what might come next.


  • Provide a range of objects, including big, heavy and awkward ones that can be transported, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Provide different sizes and shapes of bags, boxes and containers  so that children can experiment with filling, experiencing weight and size.
  • Plan to share images and books which show the order of daily routines.