• Plan to sing number rhymes with actions.Involve families in sharing number rhymes from home cultures.

Spatial Awareness

  • Play games that involve curling and stretching, popping up and bobbing down.
  • Provide boxes, cloths and bags for children to store, hide and transport items.
  • Provide nested boxes, cups and toys of different sizes that fit inside each other.
  • Share books that provide opportunities to use spatial language and describe movement.


  • Provide blocks and boxes to stack, build and solve problems with.
  • Provide a range of inset puzzles and support children as they explore matching shapes with spaces.


  • Sing familiar songs with repeated actions, jig to and tap out simple beats, encouraging children to join in.
  • Provide items for children to make repetitive sounds.


  • Provide big and little versions of objects for children to play with and compare.
  • Share picture books showing objects of contrasting sizes.