• Find out about, show interest in and legitimise children’s out-of-school writing practices and interests. Remember that not all writing formats go from left to right.
  • Talk to children about things they might write to support their play inside and outside, e.g. they might make a map for a journey, a job list for a builder, or spells for potion making.
  • Write stories, poems, jokes, lists, plans, maps etc. together with children on paper and using digital technology so that children they can see authorship and spelling in action.
  • Talk to children about the letters that represent the sounds they hear at the beginning of their own names and other familiar words.
  • Model how to segment the sounds(phonemes) in simple words and how the sounds are represented by letters (graphemes).
  • Encourage children to apply their own grapheme/phoneme knowledge to what they write in meaningful contexts.
  • Support and scaffold individual children’s writing as opportunities arise.