Understanding the World resources

Mirrors Windows and Doors – an online magazine on cultural and multicultural diversity in children’s books

EYFS Science for Starters – activities for children from 4-6 from STEM Learning

Laying the Foundations – edited collection of chapters about the teaching of science to children aged three to six years. Published by the Association for Science Education (ASE) in 2000, now on the STEM Learning website

Fostering curiosity in the early years – Continuing Professional Development Unit from the Primary Science Teaching Trust

Tree tools for schools – activities from the Woodland Trust

Summary of evidence on value of nature to development, Dose of Nature website

Notes from Prof Tina Bruce to support and encourage children, families, practitioners and carers to engage with nature and understand the natural world, Birth to 5 Matters document

Catling, S. (2006). What do Five-Year-Olds Know of the World? Geographical Understanding and Play in Young Children’s Early Learning Geography, 91(1), 55-74.

Creativity in Science and Mathematics Education for Young ChildrenExecutive Summary from Creative Little Scientists project

Digital technologies and the early years, videos and downloadable resources from the National Literacy Trust

Makerspaces in the early years: Enhancing digital literacy and creativity (MakEY) – EU funded project led by Professor Jackie Marsh at the University of Sheffield

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