Mathematics resources

Carruthers, E. and Worthington, M. (2010, revised 2016) Children’s Mathematical Graphics: Understanding the Key Concept, NRICH website

Count with me, leaflets with tips for parents from Surrey County Council

DCSF (2009) Children Thinking Mathematically, National Strategies Early Years document

DCSF (2008) Mark Making Matters, National Strategies Early Years document

Early Years Maths materials to support reception teachers from National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) and a podcast on How children develop mathematical thinking

Development and Research in Early Maths (DREME) (USA) , resources for teachers and parents, blogs, professional development modules

East Midlands West Maths Hub Mastery in Mathematics in the Early Years,

Education Review Office, (2016) Early mathematics: a guide for improving teaching and learning, New Zealand Government

Early Childhood Maths Group resources:

Erikson Institute Early Maths Collective (USA), resources, professional development modules

Gifford, S. (2020) The Importance of Shape and Space in the Early Years, NRICH website

Learning and Teaching with Learning Trajectories, US-based website on natural developmental progression in learning mathematics from birth to 8

NRICH EYFS homepage of project aimed at enriching mathematical experiences

Using manipulatives in the foundations of arithmetic, Nuffield Foundation funded research project with resources for teachers

Number and quantity: Williams, H.J. (2019) Mathematics in the Early Years: What Matters? – the first part of an article first published in IMPACT, journal of the Chartered College of Teachers, 2019, on

Solving mathematical problems: Gifford, S. (2016) Mathematical Problem Solving in the Early Years: Developing Opportunities, Strategies and Confidence, NRICH website

Family maths, Everyday Family Math: Supporting Children’s early math learning with fun, everyday activities!, videos from Tandem in partnership with Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME), Stanford University

Boosting children’s confidence in mathsParents fear (math) no more!, blog with tips for parents, Development and Research in Early Math Education, Stanford University

Seeking patterns: Gifford, S. (2019) Developing Pattern Awareness with Young Children, NRICH website

Building on mathematical ideas and pretend play: Carruthers, E. (nd) Open Mathematics, open minds: children’s thinking and mathematics, Community Playthings website

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