Learning environment resources

Case studies: Learning environments in varied contexts, Birth to 5 Matters document

White, J. (nd) A Good Place to be Two, Community Playthings booklet

Lindon, J. (nd) Cultural diversity in the early years , Community Playthings article

Huleatt, H. (nd) Treasure baskets, Community Playthings website

White, J. (ed) (2017) Loose parts and flexible thinking Early Education Journal no 82, Summer 2017.

Outdoor play

Ouvry, M. (2011) Going out to play and learn, Learning Together series, Early Education

Scottish Government (2020) Out to Play – creating outdoor play experiences for children: practical guidance

Engaging children in physical active play

Natural Play, Natural Growth in the Early Years, Jan White’s website

Early Childhood Outdoors.org

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines (2019)

Communication Friendly Spaces – Elizabeth Jarman’s website

Creative woodworkIrresistible learning – Pete Moorhouse’s website and Woodwork in the early years, Community Playthings booklet

DisplaysHow to make your displays work for the children, Famly Blog

Froebel Trust training and resources pamphlets including Froebel Principles and Practice Today

Sightlines materials

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