• Beginning to compare and recognise changes in numbers of things, using words like more, lots or same


  • Begins to say numbers in order, some of which are in the right order (ordinality)

Cardinality (How many?)

  • In everyday situations, takes or gives two or three objects from a group
  • Beginning to notice numerals (number symbols)
  • Beginning to count on their fingers.

Spatial Awareness

  • Moves their bodies and toys around objects and explores fitting into spaces
  • Begins to remember their way around familiar environments
  • Responds to some spatial and positional language
  • Explores how things look from different viewpoints including things that are near or far away


  • Chooses puzzle pieces and tries to fit them in
  • Recognises that two objects have the same shape
  • Makes simple constructions


  • Joins in and anticipates repeated sound and action patterns
  • Is interested in  what happens next using the pattern of everyday routines


  • Explores differences in size, length, weight and capacity
  • Beginning to understand some talk about immediate past and future
  • Beginning to anticipate times of the day such as mealtimes or home time