• Very energetic in short bursts and needs time for rest and calm with at least three hours of a day of exercise including moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity, spread throughout the day
  • Needs to sleep for 10–13 hours in a 24-hour period which may include a nap, with regular sleep and wake-up times
  • Feeds self competently
  • Can hold a cup with two hands and drink well without spilling
  • Develops some independence in self-care and shows an awareness of routines such as handwashing or teeth cleaning but still often needs adult support
  • Develops increasing understanding of and control of the bowel and bladder urges and starts to communicate their need for the preferred choice of potty or toilet
  • Able to help with and increasingly independently put on and take off simple clothing items such as hats, unzipped jackets, wellington boots
  • Begins to recognise danger and seeks the support and comfort of significant adults
  • Can increasingly express their thoughts and emotions through words as well as continuing to use facial expressions