• Provide quiet spaces for children to rest or nap and regular access to the outdoors or other spaces where children can be energetic
  • Respond to how child communicates need for food, drinks, toileting and when uncomfortable.
  • Support parents’ routines with young children’s self-care including toileting by having flexible routines and by encouraging children’s efforts at independence.
  • Support children’s growing independence as they do things for themselves, such as pulling up their pants after toileting, handwashing, recognising differing parental expectations.
  • Involve young children in preparing food.
  • Give children the chance to talk about what they like to eat, while reinforcing messages about healthier choices.
  • Remember that children who have limited opportunity to play outdoors may lack a sense of danger.
  • Provide clothing or access to clothing and footwear to enable children to be outdoors in all weathers.