• Set up places, outdoors as well as indoors, for toddlers to take naps during the day: daytime sleep can be much more refreshing and successful when provided outside.
  • Ensure that there are plenty of different places and ways, indoors and outdoors, that toddlers can find withdrawal, softness and calm in the moment that they need it.
  • Provide ample seating (such as a sofa inside or swing-seat outside) so that toddlers can snuggle with adults and other children.
  • Ensure that there is time for young children to complete a self-chosen task, such as putting on their own shoes.
  • Establish routines that enable children to look after themselves, providing ample time for this.
  • Create time for discussing options so that young children have choices between healthy options, such as whether they will drink water or milk.
  • Place water containers where children can find them easily and get a drink when they need one.
  • Consider providing a sturdy ladder so that toddlers can choose to climb up onto the changing and dressing table by themselves: this will encourage their involvement in care routines