• Look at the baby and say their name.  Make eye contact and wait for them to react.
  • Interpret and give meaning to the things young babies show interest in, e.g. when babies point to an object tell them what it is.
  • Use an animated, enthusiastic face when interacting with children.
  • Observe children as they watch their environment.
  • Look out for strategies babies use to attract your attention, such as seeking eye contact, gestures such as pointing, facial expressions and intentional physical movement.
  • Talk to babies about what you are doing and what is happening, so they will link words with actions, e.g. preparing lunch.
  • Use actions including hands and finger plays to support your words, e.g. waving when you say bye bye.
  • Speak clearly.  Babies respond well to a higher pitched, sing-song voice.
  • Use and repeat single words while you share attention to an object or event, so the baby can gradually link the word to its meaning.